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A recent study explores why relationships can often seem like a never-ending cycle of uniting and then separating, sometimes on a daily basis for people who live together and have to part every morning when going to work, and then reuniting at the end of the workday. The study talks about emotional “jet-lag,” a feeling […]

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8 November 2022

Guest: Caleigh Haber-Takayama . Age: 28 . Location: Los Angeles . Bio: Born and raised along the California coast, Caleigh was diagnosed at birth with cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease that causes thick and sticky mucus to clog the airways in the lungs and affect many other organs in the body. Growing up, Caleigh stayed healthy through sports […]

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15 October 2018

    One of my favorite topics, by far, is love and how Amanda and I found each other.   Not just about how we found each other, but how we are committed to continuing to stay curious about each other, finding ways to light each other up.   We count ourselves as truly fortunate, and […]

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7 August 2018

  Relationships are the number one thing we get asked about. Even if the conversation starts with business, it always gets down to relationships at the core of the question.   Why? Because for most, the reason behind what we want to build is most times tied to who we want to build it with […]

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10 July 2018

    Today’s interview is a special one.   While we are fortunate to experience and be witness to transformations often, today’s interview is one which really caught our attention and we had to have this person on to share their incredible story. Today Jairek is speaking with Arjuna O’Neal, founder of Share Necessities about his story and […]

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26 June 2018

    The other day we posted a quote on Instagram that said: ‘Why do teachers tell us to be good when they only remember the bad ones.’ That quote sparked a split reaction between the commenters and so many different experiences – so much so that even though this is not typically what we discuss […]

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20 March 2018
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