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We don’t realize how quickly life can slip away … Do not let time get away from you; start asking these questions and record the answers for your memories and future generations.
A conversation each week over a cup of tea or even via zoom is a great way to deepen a relationship with someone special in your life.

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17 July 2021

Join me in an empowering conversation with Frances Pappalardo, a remarkable individual whose journey has taken her around the world. As the Vice President of the Justice Project Honduras and a founding team member of Operation Holiday Impact, Frances shares her personal experiences and philosophies to help others break through barriers and live a fully customized life. Embracing the concept of servant leadership, Frances empowers individuals to believe in their ability to create the life they desire. Tune in to discover the steps needed to customize your life and find inspiration from Frances’ dedication to making a positive impact.

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26 October 2018

Guest: Ben Freeman . Age: 41 . Location: New York City . Bio: Ben has extensive experience in both the physical and financial commodities markets; he has invested capital across multiple market cycles and transacted commodity products globally. Ben currently runs his own consulting business, Ben Freeman LLC. Ben also founded the commodity merchant business HudsonField to opportunistically acquire […]

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24 October 2018

Join me, Jairek Robbins, in an inspiring conversation with Tony Pappalardo, a passionate speaker and advocate for living an authentic and fulfilled life. In his 20s, Tony found a way to balance his role as a business owner while prioritizing his role as a devoted husband and father in his 30s. Now, he empowers others to break free from limitations and focus on what truly matters. Discover Tony’s insights on embracing the positive aspects of life, his wow factor, and much more in this engaging blog post.

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10 October 2018

Jairek Robbins delves into the impact of Facebook on personal relationships. He invites readers to share their experiences and perspectives, discussing the pros and cons of this pervasive social media platform.

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15 July 2015
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