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Do you own a small business and are at a loss regarding how to make your employees share in your vision for the enterprise? Are you a manager at your workplace and are struggling to motivate your team? The missing key that could transform you into an exceptional leader is the ability to make emotional […]

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13 September 2022

What causes you to become irrationally angry? What specific situations causes you to loose your cool and just FLIP OUT? How often does this occur? Many times we’ve noticed that someone getting irrationally angry doesn’t help much at all… unless they are able to channel that anger into a more useful emotion! In the exact […]

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2 August 2015

What if I told you that it was an eagerness to fail that cultivated the mindset of a BILLION dollar entrepreneur? Spanx founder, Sara Blakely was raised by a father who encouraged a willingness to fail as he would regularly ask her and her brother what they failed at each week.   If they didn’t have anything […]

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14 January 2015
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