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Think about these questions. Would you do what you are doing now, if money were not a factor? Would you work where you are working? Would you pursue the same business that you are working on? What about the relationship that you are in, if you removed money from the conversation would everything be the […]

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31 March 2019

  I remember sitting down and trying to understand how some people are able to take the hand they are dealt in life and turn it into a MASSIVE win regardless of how strong or weak their position was from the start.   There seemed to be so many different factors…   Was it NATURE […]

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1 March 2016

Jairek Robbins delves into the concept of control in life, inviting readers to introspect whether they feel they’re at the ’cause’ or the ‘effect’ of their lives. Join the discussion and share your experiences.

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16 July 2015
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