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Annie Duke, a poker champion and business consultant, teaches people to become comfortable with uncertainty and make better decisions even if they don’t have all the facts.  In this summary, we look at some of the most important concepts that Annie Duke shares in her book. These concepts will help you to learn how to […]

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10 August 2020

Think about these questions. Would you do what you are doing now, if money were not a factor? Would you work where you are working? Would you pursue the same business that you are working on? What about the relationship that you are in, if you removed money from the conversation would everything be the […]

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31 March 2019

    Last week I had the honor of sitting down with Siri Lindley, 2x ITU Triathlon World Champion and in the International Triathlon Union (ITU) Hall of Fame!     Siri has dominated the International Triathlon Union (ITU) World Rankings, winning 13 World Cup races between 2000-2002 and was the 2001 ITU World Champion. […]

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9 January 2018
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