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The topic for today, Day 79 of the 100 Day Personal Performance and Business Growth Challenge is “Finding a Career You Love.” How many of you can truthfully say that you wake up each morning and pinch yourself because you have a career that you absolutely love? How many of you live for your work, […]

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23 April 2019

  What are the things that you do every day that allow you to fall in love with life?   What are things that make time stand still for you. The moments when you disappear, time disappears and nothing else matters? Those “things” may just be your passion(s)!   Is it hanging out with your family? Playing […]

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26 July 2016

Discover the key to finding your life’s purpose with Jairek Robbins. Explore how aligning your passion, prowess, and public need can lead you to your ‘sweet spot,’ where you can thrive while making a difference.

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19 June 2015

Feel like you are having the worst day, week or month ever?? Everyone has to face a bad day, week or even a bad month 🙁 at some point in their life. You may even know someone who is ALWAYS having a bad day, or ‘the worst month ever’. (If that’s you, definitely keep reading!) […]

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4 November 2014
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