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You should be. Concentration risk is a serious issue for any business, and it can come from anywhere. It could be the result of an acquisition or merger, or it might just happen naturally as your customers grow in size and volume. Whatever the cause, if you don’t take steps to mitigate this risk now, it will only get worse over time.

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7 July 2021

Ray Dalio, who has been a leading global investor for 50 years, shares his findings of a quest he undertook to understand the workings of the world. This search was necessary because Dalio was interested in learning the principles that explain the history of the major economies over the past, how they rose and fell, […]

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14 July 2020

I’ve got a question for you, ever wonder why 95% of small business fail within the first 5 years? Want to be a part of that 5% that survive and thrive?! Well we are back this week with an excellent JRCtv episode that I know will provide a ton of clarity and insight for you! […]

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1 July 2014
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