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If you start a business, customers will not come beating a path to your door on their own unless you undertake deliberate measures to attract your target market. Don’t believe the hype that when you build a great mousetrap the world will automatically come marching to your door! The challenge for many small businesses is […]

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26 July 2022

Just like a baby is almost entirely dependent on its mother for the first stages of its life, so is a new business dependent on the personal attributes of its founder during the first couple of years of its existence. Obviously, each entrepreneur brings to the table a given set of strengths upon which the […]

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24 May 2022

Emotional intelligence ranks very high among the crucial determinants of our success and it is important that we actively strive to improve our EQ. This is because our emotions are the hardest things to control, and yet they control our thoughts as well as our behaviors. We discuss below some actionable habits which are guaranteed […]

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3 May 2022

It has been mentioned often enough that emotional intelligence is critical to success in life, and today we would like to discuss one aspect of emotional intelligence which can keep you on a trajectory of growth on your path to success. But first, what is emotional intelligence? Put simply, it refers to one’s ability to […]

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19 April 2022

Let’s face it, the life of an entrepreneur can be very stressful from the long work days, financial constraints, anxiety about the direction of the business, customer complaints, you name it! So, should you resign to being stressed out for as long as you carry the label of an entrepreneur? Not in the least! Stress, […]

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5 April 2022

This may be shocking for many, but the Covid-19 pandemic can actually be one of the best things that have happened in the recent past. True, there was tragedy and hardship and plenty of chaos, but when we say it was a good thing, we are looking at how it forced lots of people to […]

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8 February 2022
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