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In the world of business, evolution and change are happening fast, and resilience is needed if your business is to not only survive any shocks that occur but also thrive despite those challenges. We look at business resilience in some depth and suggest how you can design your business model for resilience. What is business […]

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4 October 2022

A recent Deloitte report predicts that the next economic boom will be fueled by companies and industries undergoing significant change. The question is: How can your business navigate these uncertain times while also pursuing opportunities?

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18 July 2021

It’s easy to stay focused and on track when everything is going well. But what happens when you fall off the wagon? How do you get back to your best self after falling off track?

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15 July 2021

In his bestselling book titled “Great by Choice,” Jim Collins introduces the 20-mile march concept whose roots are in a race to the South Pole which took place in 1911. Two teams of explorers participated in this race but they employed different strategies, with widely differing outcomes. One team opted to march for 20-miles each […]

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29 June 2020

      What If I told you that one of the most profitable years we had in business – we mean we traveled and spoke to about 22 audiences that year – was the year we made the least, and in fact ended up in the negative in our business.   We are imagining […]

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24 July 2018

No more excuses, 2013 is over. 2014 is here and it’s time you tap into your unlimited potential and gain maximum momentum, to make a massive difference in your life, and make a lasting difference in the lives of others as well. My personal 2014 goal is that you are more alive, free, and fulfilled […]

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3 January 2014
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