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Michael Jordan Motivational quotes

Explore the life and legacy of Michael Jordan, the basketball legend who redefined the game. This blog post delves into his unmatched NBA career, successful business ventures, and contributions to philanthropy. Learn about the man behind the iconic Air Jordan brand and his impact both on and off the court.

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8 June 2023
critical habits for busy people

Busy? Focus on These 3 Critical Habits   As a business owner, you may have looked forward to the post-Covid period when you would get things back on track and move your business forward. However, even before the dust on the pandemic could settle, inflation shot through the roof, and the monetary tightening (aka interest […]

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9 January 2023

The holidays are just round the corner, and many small business owners are banking on this time of the year to end strongly and launch into the new year. While people are more generally inclined to shop during the holiday season, not all businesses benefit from this time when customers are less stringent with their […]

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22 November 2022

In the business world, change happens so fast that only the most adaptable can survive and succeed. While no one sets out to start a business so that it can fail, many actions (or lack thereof) of entrepreneurs put their businesses on a slippery road that leads to stagnation and eventual failure. One of those […]

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18 October 2022

In the world of business, evolution and change are happening fast, and resilience is needed if your business is to not only survive any shocks that occur but also thrive despite those challenges. We look at business resilience in some depth and suggest how you can design your business model for resilience. What is business […]

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4 October 2022

Do you own a small business and are at a loss regarding how to make your employees share in your vision for the enterprise? Are you a manager at your workplace and are struggling to motivate your team? The missing key that could transform you into an exceptional leader is the ability to make emotional […]

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13 September 2022
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