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If you want to have a healthy relationship with another human out there, there is something that you need to understand, and I am going to ask you to share this with every human you know because for some reason at this point in history, based on the internet and all these cool sites, there’s […]

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23 September 2019

Today’s topic on this 82nd day of our 100 Day Personal Performance and Business Growth Challenge is the concept of away, towards or against. These three things can make or break your relationship with someone else. They can make or break your relationship with yourself. They can make or break your intimate relationship and they […]

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29 April 2019

Explore with Jairek Robbins the powerful dynamic of giving and taking in relationships. Understand the impact of giving more and how you can adopt a giver’s mindset to enhance your relationships and personal growth.

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28 June 2015

Welcome back friends! I’m happy to be back and writing you from new home here in sunny Florida! If you’ve been following our journey on facebook, you know we’ve been touring various parts of North America and the Middle East/Gulf Coast!! After months on the road, we couldn’t be more grateful for all the new […]

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25 June 2014
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