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  When was the last time you got really pissed off?   I mean you got so mad, when you look back at that moment, it feels as though you lost yourself in that moment. You lost who you were and maybe said some things – you would normally never say.   And you question […]

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29 May 2018

What causes you to become irrationally angry? What specific situations causes you to loose your cool and just FLIP OUT? How often does this occur? Many times we’ve noticed that someone getting irrationally angry doesn’t help much at all… unless they are able to channel that anger into a more useful emotion! In the exact […]

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2 August 2015

  Let’s be honest, we all know someone who has hurt us or really ticked us off in the past.   If you are like most people you might find yourself talking smack or struggle to say nice things about them. They may even make your blood boil, or your face cringe when you think […]

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12 November 2014
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