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Emotional Agility and How to Have It

  In these times of unprecedented change in business and in life, leaders shoulder an even greater responsibility to keep the organization functional and heading in the right direction. However, leaders may often be held back by what is going on inside them. Their feelings and thoughts can be a barrier to responding proactively and […]

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8 February 2023
How to Debate Productively at Work

As a business owner or manager, you are in charge of employees or team members with different personalities, different backgrounds, different experiences and different communication styles or viewpoints. In such a setting, it is easy for opinions to differ strongly, and disagreements can arise. In order to tap each person’s views for the benefit of […]

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31 January 2023

The holidays are just round the corner, and many small business owners are banking on this time of the year to end strongly and launch into the new year. While people are more generally inclined to shop during the holiday season, not all businesses benefit from this time when customers are less stringent with their […]

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22 November 2022

A recent study explores why relationships can often seem like a never-ending cycle of uniting and then separating, sometimes on a daily basis for people who live together and have to part every morning when going to work, and then reuniting at the end of the workday. The study talks about emotional “jet-lag,” a feeling […]

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8 November 2022

In the business world, change happens so fast that only the most adaptable can survive and succeed. While no one sets out to start a business so that it can fail, many actions (or lack thereof) of entrepreneurs put their businesses on a slippery road that leads to stagnation and eventual failure. One of those […]

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18 October 2022

For any organization to operate smoothly, there must be conducive interactions between the different parties involved. For leaders, these human connections are even more important because they can make the difference between your success or failure as a leader. Why are Human Connections Critical for Leaders? Connections build trust and grow one’s influence Leadership is […]

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11 October 2022
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