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maximize your weekend bliss

Unlock the secret to a blissful weekend with these 7 life-changing rules. From prioritizing self-care and disconnecting from work to embracing new experiences and setting intentional goals, learn how to create a fulfilling and joyful weekend routine. Prepare to elevate your downtime into a source of rejuvenation and happiness!

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28 July 2023

 Hey Team! This week on JRCTv we have a very special guest, Summer Jessee, visiting us to share a few tips on how she was able to take her young family of 4 out of the “Rat Race” and literally on a trip around the world! They actually went and lived in Bali for 6 […]

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27 August 2013

Hey Team! Welcome back to another episode of JRCTv.com! This week we are going to be helping you discover how to turn your Passions into Profits by adding MASSIVE VALUE to the community around you through living your PASSIONS and Monetizing the value you add! In order to assist you in doing this I created a […]

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28 May 2013

Join Jairek Robbins as he challenges you to seize the day and live life to the fullest. Drawing inspiration from an incredible video, Jairek shares powerful insights on living on the edge, making every moment count, and committing to action. Remember, it’s not the years in your life, but the life in your years that matter!

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11 April 2012
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