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Today’s topic “what triggers you” means what pisses you off? What hurts your feelings? What frustrates you? Hurts you? What are the things that cause you to become the not-so-best version of you? What things cause you to bring out the animal side of you? What causes you to enter the fight or flight mode? […]

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14 May 2019

Our topic on this Day 80 of our 100 Day Personal Performance and Business Growth Challenge is “Creating Your 2x 5x 10x Multiple” in whatever it is that you are focusing on. I would like to propose a question for you out there wherever you are in the world; “What is the value of anything?” […]

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26 April 2019

How much are you daydreaming yourself out of the life you currently have? Are you driving by the highway lottery signs and dreaming about traveling, quitting your job, leaving your relationship or what you would be able to do for the person you are in a relationship with? No one is immune to these types […]

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20 April 2019

Think about these questions. Would you do what you are doing now, if money were not a factor? Would you work where you are working? Would you pursue the same business that you are working on? What about the relationship that you are in, if you removed money from the conversation would everything be the […]

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31 March 2019

It is easy to be in love with your life – when everything is going right. It’s easy to love your business when the money is flowing, the clients are raving and your team is rocking it. But what about the flip side. What do you do when things are not going according to plan? […]

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3 March 2019

Discover the power of being a giver in relationships and its positive impact on fostering genuine connections. Explore the philosophy of giving as introduced by Adam Grant in “Give and Take” and learn how selflessness, empathy, and authenticity can nurture long-lasting bonds.

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9 February 2019
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