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30 September 2015

Studies Show This Will Greatly Improve Focus, Clarity & Decision Making

Jairek Robbins

A-good-laugh-and-a-long-sleep-quoteCheck it out. Today I’m coming to you from California after an incredible recharge in Fiji with Amanda followed by speaking at an event in Vancouver with a brilliant group of social entrepreneurs.


Upon meeting and speaking with such passionate and driven people, this week’s JRCtv couldn’t come at a better time because it’s something I know every single person could benefit from especially those working their butts off to achieve their goals and build their businesses.


Tune in today for a research based coaching tip that will help improve productivity, clarity, and decision making instantly. It’s the best place to invest your time hands down. The specific area we are talking about is one of the first places I start monitoring with my 1-on-1 coaching and we’ve seen instant improvement.


Speaking of 1-on-1 coaching, we currently have a waitlist for new 1-on-1 coaching clients, though it’s a “quality” problem, I encourage you to check Performance Coach University if you’re looking for the best of the best performance coaching tools and certification program. If you’re looking to work with me directly (or become a coach of your own), this is the best way to do it. Look forward to seeing you inside PCU!!

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While there’s no underestimating the power of a great diet and exercise. You know I’m a huge proponent of an alkaline diet, regular exercise and of course a great “greens” drink. (We currently are hooked on pineapple lemon grass from amazing grass)


However, today I wanted to share with you some powerful research on one of the most important places you should be investing your time that exceeds the benefits of any of the above mentioned. Though when all done together you’re basically a super hero.


Tune into today and take this information seriously. With today’s demands it’s easy for one to neglect this area of life, but the side effects are detrimental to your performance.

To Your Success,



P.s. After 31 years of learning, 12 years of applying, and 6 years of building, I’m sharing the absolute best of the best coaching tools, techniques and strategies in my 12 week Performance Coach Training program beginning Oct 7th. Enrollment is now open through 9/30! Check out PerformanceCoachUniversity.com for all the details.


Source: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12683469


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