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1 August 2017

Still not feeling APPRECIATED? Here’s what to do

Jairek Robbins




Every now and then we send out a post that really strikes a nerve with a lot of people.


Last week’s newsletter about not feeling appreciated, was one of those. We talked about being the MVP for the people in your life and at work. 


Here’s the thing, even if you feel like you are putting in the effort, showing up as the MVP and doing all you need to do, sometimes we still miss the mark of what our partners need. I know I do!


This week we decided to check back in, expand on the subject, with some tips on how to alleviate the loved ones in your life, not feeling appreciated.


Maybe it’s you that’s not feeling appreciated and you are not quite sure how to express that, without the other person feeling hurt or attacked.


So here is the magic question. Are you checking in to ensure you know what your partner’s struggle is this week?


Part of showing and receiving appreciation has to do with staying in tune with how your partner is feeling, this is key to supporting them. Also getting to know HOW they receive appreciation is important.


Figure those things out and in return, a floodgate of love and appreciation will come back to you.


If any of this resonates with you, then this week is for you! Check it out below:



Enjoy and see you next week!

To your success,



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