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14 April 2011

Sky Diving Lesson (I learned the HARD WAY!!)

Jairek Robbins

YouTube Video

After watching the video, consider the following…

What if for the next 7-10 days you made it your personal goal to LET GO and experience the beauty of your life!!

Yes, I mean stop resisting, fearing, doubting, fighting against all the “things, events, people” in your life and start to finally actually enjoy the process!

**regardless if it “seems” like you are getting the result**

I’ve learned that if you can find a way to truly enjoy the process you are going through… It is amazing how much faster you can turn it all around!!

What is something you can do to start “enjoying” the process…

#1- Ask better QUESTIONS!!

Instead of “Holy Sh#t, why does this always happen to me”


“where is the ________ in this moment”

Fill in the blank…


Fill it in with any and all the emotions and feelings you’d like to experience more of. (instead of all the crap you don’t!)

Tune in for more insights around this process…

Live Strong!!

Jairek Robbins

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