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9 August 2011

Rapid Results Formula – Wealth Series – 4 of 4

Jairek Robbins

So you’ve made it through this 4-part journey

With me! Have you been playing full out?

Have you taken time to create your…

Have you applied the 2 wealth principles that we

Talked about in the first e-mail?

Are you remembering to take a moment of gratitude daily?

Have you “Taken Count” of your finances and literally are now crystal clear on both exactly where you are right now (how’d you do? A? B? D?) and create a plan of action on how to literally create Absolute Financial Freedom in your life?

Well if you have… CONGRATULATIONS! You are on track and have the tools it takes to begin the journey towards ABSOLUTE FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

If you have not… then STEP UP!!! You have the tools, and strategies it takes… all you have to do is STEP UP take action and fully apply what you know!

The one factor I have seen that make the biggest difference in peoples lives in regards to financial freedom is their ability to make decisions and follow through!

What can you do to ensure that you follow through 100% with the tools, and insights you’ve learned form this program?

Well one final piece… I wanted to share with you a very simple Six Step System for creating RAPID RESULTS in your LIFE and Business!

This is a simple formula that I’ve applied myself to achieve RAPID RESULTS and also have watched family and friends literally go from $0 to Millions in personal income by fully applying!

As promised yesterday… the one key that add’s MASSIVE fuel to these 6 steps is having a purpose and vision that is much BIGGER than just you…

Meaning when you can come up with a reason of why it is a MUST for you to achieve your wealth vision and it has to do with serving others or making a positive impact in the world or your local community, it is AMAZING how much faster you’ll be able to turn your wealth vision into reality!

VIDEO–> Jairek’s Rapid Results Workshop

Also I wanted to offer you a special opportunity to join me in my Rapid Results Formula Workshop and Video Coaching Program!

VIDEO–> Personal Invitation to Join me…

If you have not already seen I created a 30 day (20 Module) Video Coaching Program for people to use as a tool for daily accountability and also as a guide

To help them…

  1. Create a CRYSTAL CLEAR vision for their life
  2. Design a Road Map to your Results
  3. Discover your BIG WHY that will be the Rocket fuel To your results!
  4. Give you a daily set of steps you can take to literally build MASSIVE MOMENTUM towards rapidly turning your vision into reality!

If you’d like to join me in this 30 day (20 module) program

It is a $197 program that has a $100 discount as an incentive

For you to step up, take action and achieve some Rapid Results in your life and business!

Enroll in the Rapid Results Formula Here!!

I look forward to this journey together!

To your Success!

Jairek Robbins

PS: If you are in the San Francisco Area I am having a Rapid Results Workshop **SPECIAL 1 Day Event**

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