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6 August 2011

Rapid Results Formula – Wealth Series – 2 of 4

Jairek Robbins

Part 2 …


Welcome back! So did you take a moment and

ask yourself to see if you are (honestly) applying

the two wealth philosophies that we talked about

in your life to the fullest extent possible?




If you are not… WHY NOT? What would have to

happen for you to start fully applying both wealth

strategies TODAY!?





The goal of this wealth series is to help you

TAKE ACTION toward creating ABSOLUTE

ABUNDANCE in your life!


Remember in order to have the ABSOLUTE

ABUNDANCE mindset you must be willing to

TAKE the ACTIONS necessary in order to

create it in your life!






So now… STEP 2: Learning to MEASURE and



Here is a quick video on the difference this step

has made in my life and how it has helped a good friend


go from $0 to $200 Million Dollars to $750 Million Dollars

to -$500 Million Dollars and back to the top once more…




So what did you learn?


Hopefully you got a bit of an insight from a man who

has literally been able to create a MASS of financial

abundance in his life, loose it and eventually make it

all back again!


The very first step to create an ABUNDANCE of $

is you have to TAKE COUNT and figure out where

you are starting from…


Personally I HIGHLY RECOMMEND using a very cool

workbook that a long time family friend (Chris Hendrickson)

created called the "TAKE COUNT WORKBOOK"


In this workbook Chris will walk you through your

current financial situation, crunch the numbers and

literally give you a grade on how well you are currently

set up to reach your long term financial goals!


It is super simple and will give you an unbelievably

crystal clear picture on where you actually are at

in your finances!


Once you are crystal clear on where you are regarding the

actual numbers… then lets take a moment and visit

another author that has shared with me a tool that

literally provided one of the simplest yet most

profound and powerful tools I have in my wealth

tool belt!


Robert Kiyosaki author of the book "Rich Dad, Poor

Dad" and creator of the Cash flow board game (tell

you more about this game in a bit! It is the MOST

EXPENSIVE board game I have ever purchased and

worth easily 10x the investment)


A while back I was introduced to the book "Rich Dad,

Poor Dad", read it and was literally blown away at the

impact it had on my life.


There are TONS of financial lessons that Robert covers

in the book I 100% recommend that you get a copy and

read it!


The #1 lesson I pulled from his book is simply this…

"My poor dad said…'we can't afford it'. My rich dad said…

'how can we afford it'."


Now some of you are thinking THAT'S IT! Come on…I

read all of this for THAT!


YES! It is by far one of the simplest shifts you can make

in your mindset and at the same time a shift that will literally

open more opportunities to you and your family than you

could ever imagine…


This for a second of something you've ALWAYS wanted to do

in your life… take your family on a vacation? Buy your dream

house?…etc. and ask yourself… Why haven't I purchased

that yet? (listen to all of the stories…)


Then ask… Why can't I afford it? (and listen to all the reasons

that pop up in your head)


The ask… How can I afford it? (ignore, I CAN't… and wait

just a few more seconds for your brain to process and begin

to come up with creative solutions of how you can afford to

take that dream family vacation, or move your family into

that dream house!)


If you practice this simple tool it is AMAZING at the possibilities

you will be able to have in your life!


Ok wow this was a long one…


Going to save some for tomorrow!


Stay tuned!


Jairek Robbins


PS: I mentioned Cash Flow 101 and said it was the most

expensive board game I had ever purchased in my life! Yet

worth 10x's the investment! Well I lied… I say it is easily worth

100x's the investment!


Playing this board game has literally helped me to create and

re-enforce both the mindset and consistent action patterns that

at 27 years old has set me up (already) for absolute financial




PSS: Stay tuned for tomorrow STEP 3: Creating your wealth

VISION! The insights on both creating a vision for wealth

in your life and a few insights on how to rapidly achieve

that vision! 

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