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5 August 2011

Rapid Results Formula – Wealth Series – 1 of 4

Jairek Robbins


I am excited to share with you a simple

4-Part System that will help you create



Before we go to far into this I'd ask you to first

watch this video of me describing a few examples

of people who are UNBELIEVABLY WEALTHY

and some of the strategies I learned from them.


VIDEO–>Jairek's Video on Wealth Perspectives


As you see in the video there are two shifts in

your perspective that you can take immediately

that will instantly take the level of WEALTH

in your life to a whole new level!


Make sure you take a moment and ask yourself

(BE HONEST) if you are fully applying both

philosophies in your life…


#1 – Am I squeezing every ounce of juice out

of what I currently have?


#2 – Am I striving for goals that are WAY beyond

my comfort zone and goals that put a fire in my belly?






Speaking of "Fire in my belly" I am really excited

To share with you a Six-Step system that will


Life and Business.


Stay tuned… it will coming up in the series! And

Trust me this one is simple and at the same time a



Stay tuned…






Along with the philosophy of making the most

out of what you have, and making sure you are

aiming for MASSIVE GOALS… another very

simple tip you can use to help you create an



If you take a moment and begin to look around

in your life… ask yourself the following questions:


1. What am I truly grateful for in my life right now?

2. What am I proud of in my life right now?

3. What do I cherish in my life right now?

4. What in my life am I excited about?


And ask you answer those questions make sure you

reflect on how WEALTHY you already are!


Now, Iif you'd like a perspective on WEALTH around the

world check out this Sarah McLachlan music video…


VIDEO–>  WORLD ON FIRE "Sarah McLachlan"


Isn't it AMAZING how far a little bit of money can go,

and how much of a difference it can make in the world!


How can you use all of the wealth in your life to make

a powerful positive difference in the world?


Well that's it for now!


I will be sending out STEP 2 tomorrow!


Stay Tuned!


Jairek Robbins


PS: One of my ALL TIME FAVORITE Non-profit

organizations is the Anthony Robbins Foundation.

I just spoke last week at their GLOBAL YOUTH LEADERSHIP

SUMMIT and I was blown away at the difference they are

helping make in young peoples lives from all over the globe!

check them out at www.AnthonyRobbinsFoundation.org


PSS: Tomorrow I am going to unveil the MOST IMPORTANT

step that I've used in my life to assist me in creating FINANCIAL

FREEDOM, make sure you stay tuned for that e-mail! 

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