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22 June 2015

#QuestionOfTheDay – Day 8 – Do you love your life?

Jairek Robbins

life you love

Hello there,

Jairek Robbins here. Today, we’re addressing a deeply personal and fundamental question – Do you love your life?

Now, for some of you, the answer is a resounding YES, and to you, I say, fantastic! Keep up the fantastic work. Celebrate every moment, and continue to live your life with enthusiasm and joy.

But there are others among us who may hesitate before answering. Perhaps you’re not quite satisfied with where you are, and that’s okay. It’s normal to have ups and downs. So, I ask you – why? Why don’t you love your life right now?

Is it the job that’s draining your spirit? Is it a lack of fulfillment or purpose? Is it a relationship that’s not serving you? What specifically needs to change for you to fall head over heels in love with your life?

Once you’ve identified the factors that need to change, ask yourself – what’s your plan? How will you go about making these changes?

Maybe you need to pursue a passion that’s been on the backburner for too long, or perhaps you need to invest more in your health and well-being. Whatever it is, remember, this is YOUR life. You have the power to change it.

Today, I challenge you to get clear on what you want. Write it down. Make a plan. And then, take that first step. Your life won’t change overnight, but every journey starts with a single step.

Turn your day-to-day life into a life you love. It’s your opportunity, your choice. Seize it!

Jairek Robbins


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