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21 September 2015

#QuestionOfTheDay – Day 53 – How Can You Improve Your Money Mindset?

Jairek Robbins

Money MindsetHow can you improve your money mindset?

In the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” book the author Robert Kiyosak talks about having two different father figures. The first father figure had a rich ABUNDANCE mindset and the second father figure had a poor mindset.

When focusing on money… What questions do you ask most often??

In the book the authors rich dad always asked…How can we afford this?

His poor dad always said…We can’t afford this.

In the areas of life that matter to you most, which approach do you currently use?

Do you focus on why you cannot afford what you want to do or experience OR do you focus on creative ways you can make it happen?

When thinking of a cool trip you want to go on, a course you want to take, a fun opportunity you want to give to your children…etc.

What questions do you need to be asking to ensure that you create and re-enforce an abundance focused mindset?

What are 3-5 wealth focused questions you can ask your self each day to reenforce your resourcefulness, abundance and wealthy mindset?

We must all remember that the quality of your life is going to come down to the quality of questions you ask yourself each day!


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