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11 July 2015

#QuestionOfTheDay – Day 23 – What Drives Your Actions Each Day?

Jairek Robbins

What drives youWhat drives your actions each day?

What is your own personal Motive for action (AKA Motivation)??
Here is a list of common drivers…
– Ambition
– Competition
– (Need for) Control
– Fear of Failure
– Jealousy
– Perfectionism
– (Need to) prove oneself
– (Need for) security
– (Need for) stimulation
and I am certain there are many other possible drivers… What is the one you use each day?

Once you have identified what you use as your own personal driver…

I’d love to know if it is a negative or positive driver? Are you doing what you do each day to move TOWARDS something positive? Or are you doing what you do each day to avoid something negative?

If it is a positive driver, high five! Keep it up!

If it is a negative driver… I dare you to take the challenge I mention at the end of todays episode!!

Looking forward to seeing your responses in the comment section!

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