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6 July 2015

#QuestionOfTheDay – Day 19 – Do you live your life by choice or out of convenience?

Jairek Robbins

choiceDo you live life by choice or by convenience?

When in your life did you make a conscious choice about….

– The main language you were going to speak each day?
– The emotions you wanted to feel each day?
– What you would eat for breakfast each day?
– How you invest the hours of your day?
– Who you spend those hours with?
– What you do in your business (work, job) ?
– What religion you were going to believe in?
– What teams to root for?


Also… Which areas of your life have you decided to just GIVE UP your choice and allow others to make the decision for you?

How do you know if they are making the right one?


I am excited to hear your response in the comments section on our blog, Facebook…etc.


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