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8 March 2016

Peer Group & Feeling Like a 3 Headed Alien

Jairek Robbins


suround yourself with people who make you hungry for life

Have you ever had a moment where you look around at what most people are up to and feel like a 3 headed alien from a different planet?

Yesterday we went with a friend to meet a couple of people who he believed would be solid business connections for us. One has built a small empire in pharmacies and is on his way to becoming a billionaire in the process.

The other started a new alcohol company and was throwing a special promo event at a beachfront location in Tampa to celebrate.


As we walked into the middle of his party I began to remember that odd moment in life when I felt like a 3-headed alien. It was strange watching so many people standing around on a Sunday afternoon guzzling bottles of alcohol (the owner was excited)

I do my best to avoid places like this, but I am a sucker for people watching, so I sat back to soak in the adventures, escapades and interesting moments unfolding all around the event.

As I watched I was reminded that who you choose to spend consistent time with is who you become!

Question for you… Who would you consider to be your close peer group? How does investing consistent time with them positively or negatively affect your health? business? finances? emotions? relationships? …etc.


Check out todays episode of JRCTv as we dive into this topic…


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So, going back to the party. Looking around at the craziness going on around me was a reminder to be grateful for the hand picked power house peer group that we have spent years building.

Sure, some of them like to party from time to time, but every single one of them helps us to become the best versions of ourselves in some major area of our life.

Some challenge us to be healthier, happy and fulfilled and others challenge us to step up our game in our business and finances.

Over the years I have heard many different pieces of advice on this topic including “ditch your struggling friends and only hang out with people that have what you want.” which I think is nuts!

The key is to use the Learn it, Live it, Give it philosophy in the process of identifying your ideal peer group!

•    33% of your peers should be ahead of you and people you can learn from

•    33% should be just a few steps behind you so that you can mentor and share with them

•    and the final 33% should be at about the same level as you so that you can trade insights and strategy on what works and what doesn’t.

Hope you have an AMAZING week!!

To your success,



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