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25 August 2015

One Of The Best Pieces Of Advice My Dad Ever Gave Me

Jairek Robbins

having the answer quote rob people of the experience finding answers quote 1Today’s JRCtv episode is literally for every individual on the planet, so make sure you share this one!


The inspiration for this message came from advice my dad shared with me many years ago, which brought with it great peace of mind. This advice helped me lift the extreme weight I was carrying on my shoulders at the time.


Whether you’re a coach, a parent, a business owner, or a service provider, you often take on huge responsibility of caring for others. This means helping others solve their problems and helping by providing answers to their questions and challenges.


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Does this sound like you? Many individuals that carry any sort of responsibility for the well-being or performance of others are often stressed, disappointed, or feel defeated when they are not able to help them solve the problems or questions they face.


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So, today I have some really sound advice that I am excited to share with you. We also have a great coaching download for you today (below) to help you integrate this message and mind shift into your life. The advice not only helped my life, but it also helped many of my clients, that is why I am here to share this with you today and hopefully you share this message with others as well. 


I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments!


To your success,


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