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1 March 2016

One Choice Can & Will Change Your Life…

Jairek Robbins


build your dreams or someone else will tony gaskins quote-2I remember sitting down and trying to understand how some people are able to take the hand they are dealt in life and turn it into a MASSIVE win regardless of how strong or weak their position was from the start.


There seemed to be so many different factors…


Was it NATURE or NURTURE? Their network? The fact that they won the birth lottery and happen to be born in the right country, city or into a specific family? Was it the educational level they achieved? Was it the fact that they grew up in a loving, supportive family? Or were raised by a single mom struggling and never wanted to go through that again?


There are endless amounts of situations that a person may have started from and no matter how fancy or humble they were, the key that we’ve seen time and time again as the determining factor in a persons success and impact on the world, is the fact that at some point in their journey they made a CHOICE to just go for it.


Rosa Parks decided to say NO and not move to the back of the bus that day in 1955… and changed history


Nelson Mandela made a choice to stand up and work together (with the people who put him in prison for 25+ years) to end apartheid in South Africa… and changed history


Ghandi made a choice to stand up for what he believed in … and changed history


Each and every day, people like you and I make choices that have the power to literally change the history of our lives.


Today on JRCTv we are going to be diving deep into the power of choice and assisting you in taking back your power!


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Make sure to grab a copy of today’s worksheet and work through all the major areas of your life to nail down what major (and minor) choices need to be made ASAP to ensure that you are moving in the right direction in your life, business, health…etc.


Also, make sure to share with us what you learn from going through the exercises in the worksheet! We’ve found that every time someone comments, shares or leaves some insight/advice on what worked for them, it helps others to refine their own approach and get bigger and better results! So, thank you for taking the time to share and pay forward what works for you.


Excited to hear what new choices you make this week!


To your success,



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