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16 March 2016

More Play, Less Work… Could This Be The Answer?

Jairek Robbins

To continue our conversation from my last post I proposed a really important question… What if you are wrong, then what?

Casey Gerald in his TED talk “The Gospel of Doubt” brings up a really really important point. If all that we believe to be true and all that we do in the world still leaves us with so much suffering and so many people struggling to meet their very basic needs, then maybe what we believe is wrong and what we are doing isn’t all that we thought it would be.

Which leads us to this conversation and the idea of MORE PLAY, LESS WORK.

Which for all of you type A over achievers who wan’t to build an empire, become a financial titan and create a powerful legacy on the planet, isn’t what you want to hear. With so many people preaching “hustle, hustle, hustle” as their philosophy to achieve big bad ass results, it is hard to believe that some times choosing something besides work is even an option.

In this next talk we hear from Shonda Rhimes. She shares her experience of an entire year that she said YES to everything and what she discovered what the secrete sauce to igniting her personal power and helping her to maintain being a TITAN in her industry.

Quick Bio: Shonda Rhimes, the titan behind Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder, is responsible for some 70 hours of television per season, and she loves to work. “When I am hard at work, when I am deep in it, there is no other feeling,” she says. She has a name for this feeling: The hum. The hum is a drug, the hum is music, the hum is God’s whisper in her ear. But what happens when it stops? Is she anything besides the hum? In this moving talk, join Rhimes on a journey through her “year of yes” and find out how she got her hum back.


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