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2 March 2020

Manifesting 101: 10 Tips to Boost Your Manifesting

Jairek Robbins

Today’s topic is something I was talking to a couple of clients about yesterday. We spend a lot of time on tactical and strategic as well as things that are immediately implementable in our health, business or relationships, and every now and then we venture into things that are beyond the strategic or tactical level of our conversations here. We enter into the space that can allow your mind, body and spirit to get into alignment with whatever it is that you really desire, want or deserve and go after in life.

In talking about that, we will go through 10 tips today that help better align or tune you into the stuff you are really going after. If you want tactical strategy, go to jairekrobbins.com and on the very front of the homepage, it says grow your business, start here. There’s a button, you can click it and I go through 10 strategic ways to grow your business.

If you are looking for ways to increase your happiness, health, fitness, mind or your body’s performance, you can go to the training section and scroll down. You will see an online training section for optimizing human performance (how to get the best from your mind, body and emotions every day). 

Today, we are talking about how to get tuned into, how to get in alignment, how to get your mind, body, spirit and emotions completely connected and working together in the same direction instead of parts of you pushing or pulling you in different directions. Part of you shouldn’t feel like you want to move forward and yet another part of you is holding or pulling you back. Or, part of you feels that you deserve it, while part of you feels that maybe you aren’t worthy. We are going to work on that today, because I’m going to give you 10 tips to get in true, true alignment with this.

Some people call this by different names, such as manifesting, tuning in, getting into alignment and so many other expressions. Well, it all boils down to this; when you tune into a radio, you tune into different stations by changing the channel. As you do so, you tap into a different frequency and whatever frequency you tap into you pick up the radio waves from the station having that particular frequency. This is the same thing with your mind, body and emotions. How do you get in alignment with a big business goal? How do you get in alignment with the relationship you really want? How do you get in alignment with the health and fitness you want? Here’s 10 tips.

1. Come Up with a Mantra

A mantra or an affirmation is a little phrase you use that reinforces something in your mind. For example, “every day and in every way I am getting healthier and healthier.” Or, “All I need is within me now.” 

You get to pick this little phrase, and it is going to reaffirm what it is that you are going after. And, as it does so, you are affirming to yourself that you have what it takes inside in order to be able to do it. So as you say every day and in every way I am getting healthier and healthier, you are affirming that you already have the good health in your body and it is getting in better shape every day.

When you affirm that wealth and abundance flow to me everywhere I go, you start feeling this wealth and abundance and you tune into it! So, get a mantra.

2. Get Some Music

This should be music that gets you moving and feeling the energy that brings you into alignment. Pick a song that you are going to connect with whatever it is that you want and allow your body to move with it and groove with it and feel it in your body. Allow that music to shake out and wiggle out anything that isn’t in alignment with what you want. Any doubts, uncertainties, insecurities, wiggle that stuff out when you are dancing to the music. So you’ve got your mantra and you have your music!

3. Get a Dance

Make up something fun! Cardi B talks about her money dance. Be silly, find something fun for you, and find something you enjoy, but put something together so that if you are going for health, have a healthy dance! If you are going after love, have a love dance. If you are going after money, have a money dance. Whatever it is, get your body moving so that you are tuned in physically and not just in your head. Feel it in your body and get wiggly with it!

4. Have a Breath Pattern

Get a breath pattern that you go back to and it keeps you in alignment with what you want to achieve. If you want to think this through, find a breathing pattern that will return you to alignment with what you want. Is it a calm breathing pattern? Is it an aggressive breathing pattern? Is it a focused breathing pattern? 

If you want to be focused on what you want, the breath pattern is 4 seconds in, hold for 2 and then breathe out for 4, hold for another 2 before you repeat the pattern. It will focus your mind.

If you want a calm breathing pattern, go for 4 seconds in, hold for 4 seconds, breathe out for 4 seconds, hold for another 4 seconds and then repeat. You will be calm each time you follow this pattern. 

If you want an energizing breathing pattern, use the breath of fire. This involves breathing rapidly in and out through your nose for 30 repetitions. Don’t use this pattern if you have a heart condition or respiratory problems. Otherwise, you can use breath of fire to build your energy each time you think about what you want to attain. 

5. Tap into Your Vision and Intuition

You need to get still, you need to go quiet. Go out and meditate, sit outside, sit near the ocean. Sit on a mountain top or sit in a field; in short, go to a place that is quiet and just sit there for 10 minutes and let everything just dissolve from your mind and wait for that vision. Wait for that thing that naturally calls to you and comes through you and connects you to your innermost self. 

People used to go on vision quests where they would sit and be quiet and allow their intuition to guide them to the things or to the places or the people or the opportunities or the moments that were most meant for them because their intuition would guide them to it. And it would create a vision because they would know what or where to go next.

6. Say a Prayer about It

Pray to the universe, pray to God or pray to whatever it is that you believe in. Say a prayer. Ask to be guided; ask to be shown what it is you need to see. Ask to connect with whatever it is you need to connect with. Ask for that guidance in everything that you are doing.

7. Speak It as You Desire It

We talked about a mantra in the beginning as a little phrase to empower and connect you with where you want to go, but this is about speaking your vision as if it is real. You want to speak it as if every part of you is in complete alignment with it.

For example, I like to use the phrase, “I am so grateful that…” and then I add whatever it is that I need to get accomplished. “I am so grateful that I was able to accomplish X in the last 30 days.” Or “I am so grateful I was able to experience the love and abundance in our lives over the past 90 days.” Or “I am so grateful because we get healthier and happier every day.” 

Speak it as if it is already happening, and it will soon happen!

8. Affirm What You Want

This is a little tip, and it is about affirming what you want instead of what you don’t want. People often make the mistake of focusing on what they don’t want, such as affirming that all the stress is leaving their body. The problem with this approach is that it makes your brain to focus on what you don’t want, which is stress in this example.

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Drop that and focus on the positive. For example, you can affirm that your body is calm, tranquil and grounded. Or affirm that you are here now and you enjoy every moment of the day. Affirm what you want more of.

9. Take Inspired Action

This particular tip is from a friend of mine. This tip is interesting because if you do all the other ones and forget number 9, you are going to be sitting there for a while without seeing anything manifesting in your life. 

You have to take inspired action. This means when you see it in your mind, feel it, groove to it and you feel totally aligned with what you want, go do something about it so that you can move 5 feet closer to your goal than you were before you took that inspired action. 

And then do the next thing, and the next thing, and then get the momentum on your side, and then bingo, you will get there as you ride that wave of momentum to your goal. 

10. Raise Your Energy and Vibration

What does this mean? Elevate your energy. Get your energy vibrating at the right level by working out, doing some breathing, doing some stretching, doing some yoga, etc. In short, do something that energizes your body and your mind so that you are now vibrating and feeling that level of energy when you are going after or thinking about what you desire the most. 

So, these were 10 tips to get you in better alignment with those goals, dreams and desires that you are going after. I hope they are helpful and I hope they are useful. Put them to use, have some fun! If you have anything else you do and it helps, drop it in the comments! I’d like to know what other things really help align you when you are going after big goals, dreams and desires. Also, what are the things that help you when manifesting or tuning into that which you most desire? I love to hear tips from you; I hope these are helpful and I look forward to seeing you guys tomorrow for another conversation just like this. 

To Your Success,

Jairek Robbins



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