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12 April 2011

Knowing your numbers to compete at PEAK PERFORMANCE!

Jairek Robbins

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Who ever said #’s cannot hurt you was WRONG!

There are 3 set’s of digits that you ABSOLUTELY want to know. Especially when it comes to PEAK PERFORMANCE.

So what are these “Vital Numbers”?

Before I share with you the simple formula to define your personal numbers. Let me give you some insight as to WHY these numbers are SOOO IMPORTANT…

We talked about the 3 MAJOR fuels your body needs in order to function at PEAK PERFORMANCE.


3 Fuels your body needs to function at Peak Performance:

1 – Water (1/2 your bodyweight in ounces as a daily min)

2 – Oxygen (10 deep dyaphramic breaths 1x3x2 ratio)

3 – FAT (proper nutrition, including plenty of healthy fat to give your body (and brain) what it needs to function and maximum capacity)


Quick **side note**…
Please make sure to study and learn more about the “Proper nutrition” to give your body the maximum fuel for Peak Performance!
The book I recommend is Ph Miracle by Dr. Young. The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health

**side note**

Along with proper nutrition we also talked about “structural Alignment”
Pete Egoscue is THE MAN when it comes to this topic!

Finally the moment we’ve all been waiting for…

FIRST- You will need a pen and paper

2nd- Follow the instructions below…


#1 Finding your personal MAXIMUM Heart Rate: Your Max heart rate is a number you want to stay WAY below to ensure you are in the “Fat Burning Zone” and not the “Sugar/Carb Burning Zone”
(According to “MarathonGuide.com” http://www.marathonguide.com/FitnessCalcs/heartrate1calc.cfm
here is how you find it…)

220 – AGE = _____ (for Men)

226- AGE= _____ (for Women)

#2 Aerobic Training Heart Rate:
This formula varies from source to source. It is a range from 50 85% of your max heart rate. According to Stu Mittleman in his book Slow Burn: Burn Fat Faster By Exercising Slower

I’ll tell you more about Stu Mittleman in a bit (he is AMAZING!)

The ratio should be: Approximately 70% of your Max Heart Rate. Around 60-85%
according to your fitness level…

180 – AGE= _____ (Aerobic Training Heart Rate)

#3 Aerobic Warm-up/Cool-down Heart Rate:
This one is CRUCIAL according to Stu. Taking time for warm up and cool down will help prevent injury and also help your heart to get to the proper bpm to ensure
you are training your body to function at PEAK PERFORMANCE.

Max Heart Rate x 60%= _____ (warm-up/cool-down heart rate)


So there you have it! Those are the TOP 3 #’s you 100% need to know in order to be able to full function at PEAK PERFORMANCE (while training
in an endurance sport). Remember… LIFE IS AN ENDURANCE SPORT!

The key to applying these numbers is to get a heart rate monitor (tell you more in the PS section) and use it to make sure that during your training (walking, running, biking…etc.) you do a solid 5 minute warm up at your Aerobic Warm-up pace.

Then set out for your training and make sure you stay in your Aerobic Training Heart Rate zone.

After completing your training, please remember to spend an additional 5 min in your “Cool-down” Heart Rate zone.

TA-DA!! Know you know the magic formula to train your body to BURN FAT (using it as your main source of FUEL). As you continue to train your body in these zones it will not only start to use fat as your main fuel during your training, it will also continue to burn fat as its main source of fuel through-out the rest of your day! (VERY COOL!)

I mentioned above I’d tell you a bit more about Stu Mittleman… well here you go…
here is a link to his BIO (http://www.worldultrafit.com/whois.html) one VERY COOL fact about stu…

Stu’s carrier reached a peak in 1986 when he shattered Siegfried Bauers (New Zealand) record World Record in the 1,000 Mile-Run during the World-Championships in Queens,NY. Stu 11 Days 20 Hours performance broke Siegfrieds record by over 16 hours!

YES you read that correct… 1,000 miles in 11 DAYS!!! (and 20 hours)

He is the author of the book “Slow Burn” (Slow Burn: Burn Fat Faster By Exercising Slower)and is the person I learned how to train my body to burn fat from. He taught me (while training for the Carlsbad, CA marathon) that in order to get my body to operate long distances at a peak performance level I would need to train my body to burn fat (not sugar). All of the info I’ve shared above with you came from him!

When I first learned about all these #’s I was a bit overwhelmed. I was so focused on just “being consistent” with my training that I wasn’t even paying attention to any of the #’s
involved with it. I was just trying to get it completed each day.

I wish I would have known how in-efficient I was being.

Here is a quick re-cap (from back in the day)…
Work out –> feel exhausted –> need a nap –> sore, tired –> un-inspired to do it again

These days it is a must different story…
Work out (follow my #’s) –> feel more energy than before I started –> full of passion –>
spend the rest of my day fully energized. I have more focus than ever before. More juice to my life and more energy to apply to everything I do!

Now ITS YOUR TURN to step up!

Till next time…


Jairek Robbins

PS: One VITAL piece of training equipment is the heart rate monitor… here are a couple
options. I personally use a simple one … Polar FS1 Heart Rate Monitor Watch (Dark Blue)

For those of you looking for THE COOLEST RUNNING/TRAINING gadget EVER
check this one out… This one is AMAZING for an IRON MAN competition…Garmin Forerunner 310XT Waterproof Running GPS With USB ANT Stick and Heart Rate Monitor

the key is not how fancy your heart rate monitor is… the key is to start measuring and
get in “THE ZONE”.

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