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20 March 2018

True or False: Teachers Only Remember The Bad Students – An Interview You Need To Watch

Jairek Robbins



The other day we posted a quote on Instagram that said: ‘Why do teachers tell us to be good when they only remember the bad ones.’ That quote sparked a split reaction between the commenters and so many different experiences – so much so that even though this is not typically what we discuss here on JRCtv, we recognize that it struck a nerve and we had to dive deeper into the conversation.


We are sharing the outcome of that with you today! From those commenters, one stood out and we decided to invite her on for a candid conversation about the experience of students in schools, the challenges teachers face and the roles parents play in their child’s experience.



This week we interview Jenviev Danielle who works one on one with students about how she implements personal performance tools with kids in schools. In this interview we talk about:



This was such an interesting conversation and even if you are not a parent, teacher or student, there are amazing takeaways!


Thank you again to Jenviev for agreeing to jump on with us and for the incredible work you are doing!


Check it out below – share – like – and join the conversation!



To your Success,



Jairek Robbins

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