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27 February 2018

[Interview] The Power of Thought With Brandon Webb and Jairek Robbins

Jairek Robbins




Join us as we sit down with Brandon Webb as he interviews Jairek for his podcast, The Power of Thought.



This in-depth conversation takes you on through a timeline as Jairek discusses almost everything on his personal development journey. From his first job working security at Blockbuster Video to having a near death experience with Malaria traveling abroad and being unable to fly back home.


You’ll hear some valuable information on this one, like having a healthy relationship or mending a relationship that’s gone South, whether with your spouse or a family member.


They also talk about the value of sleep in your performance, something Brandon has experienced to an extreme while training to become a Navy SEAL.


BONUS – This was live-streamed as well, and so you get to hear some of the viewer’s questions and answers which added even more valuable content.


Check it out below:



Like to listen on the go? Check out the link to iTunes here: Power of Thought Podcast with Jairek Robbins!


To your Success


Jairek Robbins and the JRC Team


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