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13 March 2018

[Interview] With Aubrey Huff The Rise, Fall and Redemption of a World Series Champ

Jairek Robbins


This week we had the pleasure of interviewing 2x World Champion, Aubrey Huff on his journey in sports and life after sports. This fascinating interview takes us from the moment he decided baseball was his passion and life plan… to that plan becoming his only Plan.


After declaring to his mother at eight years old- ‘If you get me a batting cage and pitching machine, I promise I will buy you a house and a car one day!’, Baseball became Plan A and the only plan he pursued.


In this interview, we dive into what the mindset has to be when you have made one goal your absolute focus and what happens after that plan is successfully achieved.


In this interview we will cover:


Check out the interview below.



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