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7 October 2015

How To Tap Into Your Primal Strength

Jairek Robbins


paulo coehlo quote on strengthThis week we are focused on how you can bring out the primal strength in your heart and soul.


When talking about primal strength, what are we talking about?


We are talking about that part of you, that element of you, that burning desire deep down that knows how strong you are at the deepest level.


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Imagine a lion cub trying to figure out how strong and capable it is and how it fits in, in the world around it. It tends to take on battles bigger than itself. With age and challenges, the lion gets wiser and knows its true strength and potential without needing to continue to show it.


Many times guys will go through this stage and as they get older and wiser. Men will realize how to use more zen energy and grace to get through life.


However, if you do not challenge yourself to your fullest capacity of your heart and soul, you’ll forget what you’re capable of.


You’ll neglect your strength and potential.


I was inspired by my friend who recently went through Korkoro training who is older than the average participants by a decade or two.


So I challenge you this week to step into your primal strength. Challenge yourself this week, or this month, and really push yourself.


Whether you’re a guy or a girl, if you’re feeling lost or maybe a bit soft, challenge yourself!! Show yourself what you’re capable of, step up, and take on something bigger than yourself. Push your limits and show yourself, your family, and loved ones how strong, capable, and resilient you are.


To Your Success,



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