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2 August 2016

How To Maximize Every Moment Of Your Life

Jairek Robbins

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The concept of maximizing the moment seems overly simple, but a lot of people out there (especially those reading this) are achievers and need to improve at it! You want the best, the biggest, the fastest, the most amazing life you could ever imagine. And when do you want it? Yesterday.


Many times our greatest strength is that we go out and make big things happen in life. We are overcoming obstacles every single day and we’re going after our dreams. We do whatever it takes to constantly achieve the next level. The tricky part that we face is learning how to enjoy the moment of where we’re at now and embracing that this is exactly where we need to be. As Eckhart Tolle might say “just become present with what is.”


Today we are focused on how to maximize the moment of life that you’re in, instead of just constantly trying to progress to the next one. If the end of life is death, I don’t know about you but I don’t want to get there that fast! I want to enjoy the entire journey and all the amazing experiences from now until then.

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In order to maximize the moments we need to figure out what stage of life you are currently in. I’m going to give you some general stages of life to think about:


Ages: 0 to 18 – What’s important to you at this age in life is yourself (i.e. feeding, clothing, having fun, enjoying life, etc.) Sometimes you have a side job for young people, but that’s the least important thing at this stage.  The other semi important concept is focused on at this stage is relationships – friendship, community, family, etc.


Ages: 18 to 30 – Usually at this stage, something happens where we lose ourselves. Why? Because it’s all about work, work, work. By 18 years old we are generally consumed by the focus of  getting a job and working our faces off. Relationships are sidelined and our own needs are squeezed in between meetings and sleep.


How do you maximize where you’re at?

This is something that we wrote about on our book, “Live It! Achieve Success By Living With Purpose.” We walk you through how to create a Live It! list. The first step is to Identify the stage of life you are in. Instead of rushing through this stage to the next we want you to create a list of everything you want to do to maximize every moment of this stage of life. Get that list accomplished then progress to the next stage.


What we discovered is when we helped entrepreneurs, business owners or even moms and dads with this concept it made a major positive difference in their life and business. We had the opportunity to observe an transformation in their life that happened when they started to enjoy every day. They became  more productive in the process because they love it instead of their old pattern of rushing through it all.


Pick up a copy of the book and start creating your LIVE IT list, I look forward to seeing what you accomplish next!!


To you success,


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