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8 October 2014

How to Make Changes — That Last in 3 Simple Steps

Jairek Robbins

What’s one area of your life you’ve always wanted to change?


Can you think of one area of your life that you have ALWAYS wanted (and even tried) to make a change in, but never seem to make it happen? OR you did change it for a while… then it slowly went right back to the way it was before?


Maybe it’s living a more healthy lifestyle? Better time management? Creating more work/life balance? Perhaps it’s something on a global level such as ending poverty or world hunger.

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Today we are talking about 3 Ways to Make a Change — That LASTS!!


Whatever change you’re looking to make, why haven’t you? For many, we attempt to make changes, but they don’t last. Or when it comes to change we are scared of the unknown, or we don’t even know where to start.


Either way, snag today’s download below and tune in today for insight into how to make powerful changes in your life, love and business that can last a lifetime when you follow these action items!

For starters, thinking about the changes you want to make and think about HOW life would be BETTER having made those changes.



Once you have thought about those questions, be sure to apply the 3 ways to make lasting change in any area of life.

Remember these important steps to making lasting change:

  1. Define with the change you want to make with absolute clarity
  2. Remove any roadblocks standing in your way and create space for you to work on yourself (download the workshop below for excellent tips on eliminating roadblocks!!)
  3. Take every action necessary to be the change, to apply the change fully into your life, live it, walk it, breathe it, talk it.
Grab the worksheet and go make some CHANGE happen!!!

To your success!

Jairek Robbins


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