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31 January 2017

How to Justify Anything – To Get What You Want

Jairek Robbins



Hello from Las Vegas!

Now if you’ve been a part of this community for a while, I know you’re committed to living the best life and becoming the best YOU!


Then, life happens. Life tests us via our news feed, during our travels, when we didn’t get enough sleep – that is when we are tested to see how truly committed we are to our goals.


During those moments we are most likely to slip. We fall short of our goals, make poor decisions and worst of all – we justify it all with excuses!!


Our goal is to help you stop justifying the things that take away your peace, happiness and fulfillment and start justifying the things that make you happier, healthier and more successful than ever before. Tune in today for some great tips on how to do just that and more!!


Download today’s worksheet below! Have fun with this and have a great week!


To your success,


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To your success,


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Prefer to read? No Problem! Here is this week’s transcription of JRCtv! Enjoy!

Hey there! Welcome back to another episode of JRCtv. Today, we’re talking about how you can justify just about anything in life.


Today is going to be a little simple episode. But here’s the God-honest truth: nowadays at this moment in history, people seem to be able to justify just about anything. And when I say this, let’s get a little bit more specific: What do they normally justify?


Well let’s talk about your health. In the last 30 days, have you had one of those moments when you’re sitting down and all of a sudden you get that weird feeling of like, “oh I really want a cookie, or an ice cream, or a candy, or a snack”? And you think in your head, “oh man didn’t I just promise myself that it was my new year’s goal or resolution or commitment to not do this late at night anymore?”


And then all of a sudden, that little voice pops up on the other shoulder and starts saying “Hey but you worked out today. I mean you got your 10,000 steps, you went to the gym, you did that morning boot camp mixed with some Zumba and maybe some soul cycle”. And you start to tell yourself, “Well, maybe I deserve that fro-yo. Maybe I deserve this cookie”. And you start to justify in your mind why it’s ok to go eat whatever junk you’re about to start stuffing in your face.


Or emotionally. You’re driving down the road and everything’s great. You decided I’m going to live in a place of deep beauty and appreciation every day. I’m going to live in a place of pure love to the world. And all of a sudden someone cuts you off the freeway and this little guy popped up on your shoulder and goes, “Oh yeah! You can get mad. Oh you let him know! You let him know how you feel.You tell that person what you really think!”.


And all of a sudden the rage monster builds in your system and you’re thinking, “ahhhh!!” And what’s interesting is that you committed, you promised yourself you were going to stay in this place of pure love and all of a sudden you’re raging behind that wheel.


Now what’s interesting is why’d you justify it: “Well they shouldn’t have cut me off, they were driving horribly. It’s their fault that I’m feeling this way”. Is it? Or did you just find a way to justify letting yourself get to a place of pure anger and rage because it felt a little bit stronger than love, in the moment at least. But you know as well as I do – it breaks down your nervous system, it literally poisons your body chemically with the stress it pumps in to your blood. It’s toxic. But you justify it because it feels good in the moment.


So here’s my big question, this is what we’re going for the day: in each major category of your life – if you’re not familiar, in the worksheet, the download for the day, we’ve outlined all the major categories – and we’ve put some questions of asking you what do you currently justify in this category that you know you shouldn’t. Meaning what are you currently doing that in your mind every time you do it you’re like, “Oh ok just one more time, I promise myself I’ll never do it again. I promise!”


And the next time you’re like “Ok just one more, just one more”. And you keep doing this to yourself. And you know as well as I do that little justification, that little just get yourself off the hook this round again and again and again is actually taking you further and further and further away from the results and the goals you really want.


I mean if you want to increase your personal, professional performance, the God-honest truth is you have to stop justifying the crap you’re doing that’s keeping you from getting the results you want. It’s so simple. But the moment you stop doing this, you say not another moment no longer am I going to allow myself to do this, things change. Results change. You make progress. You enjoy the process itself.


So there’s one other question: not only what do you need to stop justifying that you know you shouldn’t be, but what do you need to start justifying? Because just as important in your health when you say “Oh I don’t feel like going to the gym right now. I don’t feel like working out. I don’t feel like going 5 more miles on the treadmill right this moment. I don’t feel like one more repetition at the gym. I don’t feel like eating a healthy food”. What do you need to tell yourself?


How do you mentally justify doing the right thing? What do you need to say to yourself? What do you need to think about? What do you need to focus on that’ll cause your nervous system and your mind to say, “You know what, I can have one more bite of my peas. I can push up one more repetition. I know it’s going to hurt now but I’ll feel good later. I can do one more mile, just one more mile. I know I might be sore in the morning but man my health is going to be so good 80 years from now. I’m a really going to thank myself at 80 years old that I can still move and run and jump. Oh man it’s going to be awesome!


What about emotionally? What do you need to start justifying? You know what? They cut you off, you feel that rage building, and you justify, “you know what? I’m going to justify. I’m going to make myself for no good darn reason the permission to just stay in a place of pure love”. And you say, “You know what? They’re probably just in a hurry. I have no clue what for but bless them. I hope they stay safe”.


I say wow! Instead of having the toxic emotions of stress pump through your veins and all the adrenaline and all the negative stuff, all of a sudden you have peace and serenity and calmness and focus and presence. So wow!


Now in today’s worksheet, what we’ve done is outline the majors of life and ask those 2 questions for each category. I’d love for you to download that worksheet, fill it out and we’re going to do something special. If you email a copy to results@jairekrobbins.com or post it on Instagram or twitter using #performancecoachuniversity, we’re going to pick a winner in the next probably 5-7 days and we’re going to mail you a signed copy of our book.


So make sure you post it, make sure you spread the love. Download the worksheet, fill it out, either email it to us or post it up on social media. We’ll seek you out and figure out who the winner is. We’ll announce it and we’ll go ahead and send you a copy of our book signed.


So download the worksheet, have some fun with this.


PS: pass it on if you know someone who tends to have a lot of justifications that they shouldn’t. Pass it on to them, enjoy the process, and I look forward to seeing you again next week for another episode of JRCtv.

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