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1 November 2016

How To Instantly Overcome Self Doubt & Negative Beliefs

Jairek Robbins

Today we are diving into a powerful tool that I learned from my dad, who I believe learned it from Jim Rohn, and it’s how to change your results in life by changing your mindset.


Your thoughts drive your potential.

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What is the potential of a human being?


We don’t know! The truth is the potential we thought we had is always growing. Every four years people run faster, jump higher, swim quicker, leap further than they’ve ever done in history ever before – just watch the Olympics! That proves that the potential of a human being is constantly expanding. 


At one point in history, there was a guy named Roger Bannister who was told if he ran quicker than a four-minute mile, his heart would explode inside of his chest and he would die. His response, “Okay let’s do it!”


Roger Bannister broke the four-minute mile. He was the first person in history to do it and there were 13 or 14 people who also did it the year after because they know that it is possible. All without their heart exploding and/or dying. ha!


My question for you is, where in your life or business is some “expert” telling you that “If you do this, you’re heart will exploded and you will die.” (or something similar)


Here’s what you want to do. First, you must change your mindset.

Mindset determines how much potential you tap into.


The amount of potential you tap into will determine the amount of action you take every day. Even if you are horrible at first. You must go out and take more action than anybody else.

I’m talking intelligent action, not just random action.

Intelligent action means you measure the results, track your performance and you figure out how to improve every time. Over time with tremendous amounts of action you will eventually get to the result you want. With continuous improvement, you’ll be able to achieve those goals faster.


The important part here is that whatever action you take will lead to results. Your results will reinforce whatever beliefs you go to. For example, “ha ha! I knew I could do it! I knew it was possible!”


Intelligent actions lead to better results which enforce empowering beliefs.


This kicks off a beautiful cycle of having more certainty and a positive mindset, which makes you tap into more potential, leading to bigger, better results. Leading you to your final conclusion “I knew it would work!”


On the other hand, when you are struggling with a negative or limiting belief, such as “I can’t do this.” “I’m too short, too round, too shy, too unexperienced, etc”, there is a another strategy I want to share with you that works very well. 


Whether in business, health, etc, I’d love for you to identify what’s an area of life you’d like to make a change in?


Once you have identified that area, I want you to figure out is what’s the story you keep telling yourself about why you can’t make that change happen? Is it that you don’t have the time? Money? Right connections? Competition? Market’s down?


My dad shares this with millions around the world and I’m sure it’ll resonate with you “The only reason why you don’t have the things that you want in life is because you keep telling yourself the story why you can’t have it! That’s the only reason. Change the story and  your results will change too.”


So how do we change the story?

First, change the belief using these steps from Bryon Katie at the

Here’s how:

  1. Identify the number one limiting thought or story that’s holding you back. Then answer the questions below:
  1. Turn it around. Find the turn around that supports what you want to achieve and help you get there instead of holding you back from it.


Set an action in stone and do it today. You’re going to go and prove and defy the old story and prove to yourself that it’s possible. The moment you defy the old story and you have new evidence that says I can do this, I have done this – the belief changes immediately. 


We crafted up a worksheet you can use to guide yourself through the process, download a copy below!


To your success,




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