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16 June 2015

How To Instantly Add More Passion Into Your Relationship

Jairek Robbins

do it with passion live with passion life with passion love with passion quoteIf you’re like most people… rather if you’re a human, it’s likely you’ve fallen into routines in various parts of your life. It could be how you start your day, how you do your job, how you end your day, and probably even how you go about your relationship.


Though I’ve shared with you many great routines to boost your health, energy, performance, and mindset, it’s time to talk about breaking up routine.


While routines aren’t a bad thing, it’s important to add some variety, some zest, and to mix it up a bit to keep things alive, fun, and passionate especially in your intimate relationship.


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Today, I want to share with you a really fun and romantic way to mix up your current routine (which may be dulling your relationship) and add more passion back into your relationship!

[youtube_sc url=”https://youtu.be/H-xEMaYnE0s” width=”540″]

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Now you might be thinking, “Jairek, I’m single..” or “Jairek, I need to focus on business”, but here’s the thing:


Love and relationships are the roots of our life. If we let them dry up, if we forget to water them, they will die. They may not die immediately, but surely over time they will die and rot and then bugs will eat them…. you get the point.


Tune in for one of my favorite ways to mix things up romantically and super charge your partner with a smile, make them melt, and create a very memorable part of the day!


Then download today’s worksheet for more tips and ideas on how to add more passion into your relationship and breakup routine.


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