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27 June 2012

How To Inspire “Everyday Leadership”… (TED Talk)

Jairek Robbins

Wow… So I have been on some incredible journeys over the last few months… and finally just got back into the groove of watching my daily TED TALKS.

Today I found an talk that mentioned an extremely simple step that can (and will) spark people in becoming everyday leaders!

It talks about how everyday leadership is not so much about doing these HUGE MASSIVE things to change the entire universe… but doing simply things that make a difference for those directly in front of you, the people you cross paths with every single day… it goes on to mention that by simply…

well I won’t spoil the video… it gives you an extremely simple action you can do each day to inspire more people to become everyday leaders!

here is a link to watch the video.. http://on.ted.com/Dudley


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