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6 April 2012

How To INSPIRE ACTION in yourself and others!

Jairek Robbins

People reach out to me all the time asking me for tips and insights on how to get started being a “Professional Speaker” or a “Professional Business/Life Coach”…

When I get these e-mails I always cringe because I know the intent behind what these people are trying to do is (usually) good… its just that their strategy is 100% backwards!

When I ask… WHY do you want to become a speaker or a coach (or a ______: what it is that you want to be/do) they typically tell me BECAUSE they want to help people, make a difference, change history, become rich, have freedom…etc.

What is interesting if they just focused on the vision they are trying to achieve vs. the vehicle they are trying to use to get there, they would be WAYYYY more effective!

If this was the case they would use what ever vehicle worked to get the results… if it was speaking they’d speak, if it was bloging they’d blog, if it was managing they’d manage… BECAUSE it would help them achieve the vision.

I always struggled explaining this until I came across this video… It explains a concept called the “Golden Circle” and shows you why 99% of people and businesses struggle getting their employees and customers to take action… if you want to be a person who INSPIRES ACTION you will 100% want to watch this video…

(you guessed it… its a TED TALK from Ted.com)


Thoughts to consider:

1. What is the real vision you are striving to achieve in your life/business?

2. Are you more concerned with the vehicle (i.e. job, industry, position) you are in or the vision you are committed to achieve?

3. Would you be willing to change industries, change jobs, let go of everything you are doing if you saw another vehicle that would help you better achieve your overall vision? (if not, it might be a sign that you are more committed to your vehicle vs. your vision)

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