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26 July 2016

How To Find Your Passion Sweet Spot

Jairek Robbins

find your passion venn diagram


What are the things that you do every day that allow you to fall in love with life?


What are things that make time stand still for you. The moments when you disappear, time disappears and nothing else matters? Those “things” may just be your passion(s)!


Is it hanging out with your family? Playing a game? Travelling? Volunteering? Learning? Growing? Teaching?


Start with a simple list and continue to add to it each time you cross paths with something that makes time stand still to (re)discover your passions.

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There are lots of things that you can be passionate about. However, I’ll never forget some great advice from an old friend. I was talking to Brian Tracy a while back and when I asked him, “How do you know if it’s your passion?” He said, “Passion smassion! Here’s what happens. At the beginning of learning something new how in the world are you going to be passionate about it because you’re probably horrible at it?” Think of something you suck at and how passionate are you about that?


In some rare case, they don’t care if they are horrible at it. They just keep doing it because they’re passionate about it. Other times your passion level goes down because you are not good at it, it’s painful to even try because you’re not good at it and don’t know how to do it. And when you compare yourself to other people, it makes you feel even worse. Over time, as your skill level gets better with repetition. Pretty soon, you’re proud of it and passionate about it. Then you are a pro, so you’ll love it! That is the “building your passion technique.”


Another approach that may work for you: If you’re looking for things you love and want to turn your passion into a career or business, think of it this way. You have two options. Your passion can either become your career or it can stay your hobby.


If you decide to turn your passion into a full-time business and that’s the way you want to earn revenue then here’s the combination we need to look at: I’ve seen this done on paper as a neat and helpful Venn diagram – 3 circles.

Circle #1 – What do you love?

Circle #2 — What are you actually good at?

Circle #3 – What people need and what people want?

Focus on that center dot that correlates with all three and BINGO – you’ve found your passion sweet spot and got yourself a quality business!


To Your Success,


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