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28 October 2014

How to Build More Confidence & Be Less Needy

Jairek Robbins

inhale confidence exhale doubt quote pictureWhat to do when you’re feeling like you’re not enough?


Ever have one of those days, where it feels like the world is against you? All you want is a bit of approval or affirmation, yet it seems like you’re not good enough.


The days of lacking confidence and being needy are OVER.


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Today we are touching on tools and techniques to strengthen a mental muscle so much that no matter the hour of the day, or the day of the week, no one can stop you or take you down.

Here’s what’s in it for YOU in today’s episode & download:

  • What causes neediness
  • How to prevent arguments
  • Ways to fill up and fuel up emotionally
  • Signals that we are in a ‘needy’ state

[youtube_sc url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2eE840kQiU” width=”540″ height=”340″]


While this happens most often in our intimate relationships where one person can be seen as being “needy”, it can happen in our professional ones as well.


The goal of this episode is to build and share a powerful daily ritual that you’ll never be needing of anyone’s approval or affirmation.


By practicing the daily rituals I share in today’s episode, I‘ve seen my personal coaching clients tap into an abundance of love, momentum, and success in their relationships, their business, and their health!


So it’s time to turn off the neediness and fill up that space inside that leaves us craving love and affection when it’s not filled. It’ll also prevent us from being incredibly volatile to any criticism or lack of unconditional support.


Make sure to grab your download for today below, which will allow you to share love, purpose, support, without needing any back, but instead helping fill and fuel the people around you!


Now I’ll turn it over to you, what helps you fill up each day? How do you build confidence and fend off neediness within yourself?


To your success!

Jairek Robbins


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