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21 April 2016

How To Become Superhuman Productive: Free 1 Hour Productivity Masterclass

Jairek Robbins


We recently had the chance to sit down for an interview with Demir Gjokaj, the head coach and co-founder of Lifehack Bootcamp. For any of you out there who don’t know, Demir is someone who has operated at the highest levels of Wall Street, government, and technology.


But like many of us, he crashed.  His mind was willing, but after years of working 80-hour weeks, his body just stopped working. He began to wonder if there was another option—being more productive, less stressed, and happier all at once. So he started to rebuild his life, keeping this idea of hyper-productivity and habitual time management in mind.


He got together with the smartest people he knew and they began working on a productivity system.  A system to work smarter—not harder —and get superstar results. Lifehack Bootcamp was born.  Today Lifehack Bootcamp is the fastest-growing online productivity bootcamp, and Demir and his co-founder Carey Gjokaj are helping their clients get over 100,000 hours back every year.  Their clients are using this productivity system to get things DONE: launch businesses, work from all over the world, and design the life they’ve always wanted.


The thing I love most about Lifehack Bootcamp is how it shows you that productivity is a HABIT, not a skill.  


Math, for example, is a learned skill. As a kid, you are taught how to add and subtract, and you don’t really have to practice it anymore once you’ve mastered it—it’s just becomes a part of your brain.


Basketball, on the other hand, is something that requires constant practice and drills. You’ve got to put in WORK on your jumpshot for it to get better. Demir shows you that developing your productivity is like working on your jumpshot: It’s tough at first, but it gets easier fast, and eventually it becomes AUTOMATIC – like riding a bicycle.

[youtube_sc url=”https://youtu.be/HITmzRMltNM” width=”540″]


So what I love about Lifehack Bootcamp is that they’re not trying to teach you about productivity theory. They’re turning theory into practice.  They focus on accountability and showing up and practicing the right system until it becomes automatic.  


Here’s a few tips he says can get you a jumpstart that productivity right now:

  1. Turn off the notifications! Here’s an experiment he swears by: after finishing listening to this interview, go through your phone and computer and turn off all of your notifications. ALL OF THEM. Your tweets, text, emails, pokes, everything. Do it for a week. Sounds painful, I know, but there are plenty of studies that show that once you cut out your biggest distraction—the rest of the world—your productivity is going to double. Yeah—double. You’ll also be happier with the work you produce, and the overall quality of that work is going to increase tenfold.
  2. He and I agree on this one: keep the tech out of spaces it doesn’t need to be. You don’t need your laptop or phone in the bedroom. Create spaces in which you can be fully present. This is not only going to improve your relationships, it will increase your productivity, too.
  3. Find someone or something to hold you accountable. A friend, a coach, a team, a program. Something. Anything. This way, you’re always going to be pushed to be the best, most productive version of yourself.


Those all seem like such small changes to make—and they are!—but they really will change the game for you almost immediately.


Best of all just for JRC listeners and readers, he’s offering a FREE 1 Hour Masterclass!  This workshop covers crucial secrets to mastering your productivity and breaking through to hyper-productivity.  No matter what, you should take him up on the free class and learn as much as you can!


To learn sign up for this exclusive workshop, click here: http://www.lifehackbootcamp.com/jrc.


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