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4 May 2011

How to add 1,300 LBS. of strength to your lifting in just 5 seconds per week!

Jairek Robbins

YouTube Video

As mentioned in the video this machine is INCREDIBLE!! If you are in San Diego go to www.successwellnesssd.com and check out the “Bio-Density” machine. I watched the stats of my dad using this machine for only 5 seconds per week (on his leg-press, 20 seconds total for the 4 different exercises) and over the last 6 weeks was able to go from a 1,100 lb leg press (for a 5 second hold) to over 2,400 lb leg press. The crazy part is that is the ONLY workout he did for the entire 6 weeks to get the muscle/strength improvement!

Here is some more info on the bio-density machine…

The Science of bioDensity™

bioDensity™, a preventative care solution that enables individuals between the 
height of 4’9” and 7’ to:

¦ Increase bone mass
¦ Improve joint support
¦ Build strength
¦ Improve their quality of life

The logic and studies that led Performance Health Systems to its development of the bioDensity™ system relates first to the mechanics of a single muscular cell, then to a new application of this understanding to exercise. This discovery led to a way that an individual could impose an incredibly powerful stimulus on the body which would provide large and consistent gains in myofibril growth.

Intensity and adaptive response observations that have been seen with other systems of the body, have further validated this application of cell mechanics. An initial premise of bioDensity™ was that as it used a much more powerful stimulus than conventional weight training, the calculated timing of recovery would be more important. This has been proven true over time.

“At 85 years old, my bone density has increased 2.8% in the spine after using the bioDensity™ for 18 months. I would have been pleased to have maintained the same level of bone mass density from my last test, and never imagined I could have increased in bone mass density like I did. My posture has greatly improved; I have more stamina, and am able to perform routine activities far easier than I was before. In this past 18 months my strength has improved 196% which has definitely improved my quality of life.” – Amy Borge

This was WAY to cool not to share with ya’ll. I am going to be starting my BioDensity training (actually already 2 sessions in) and I will keep you posted on how it goes!

I hope you have an INCREDIBLE DAY!!

Jairek Robbins

PS: I have been reading a book that has literally opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at how I do business, coach my high-end clients and even communicate with family members and loved ones… Tell to Win: Connect, Persuade, and Triumph with the Hidden Power of Story
Peter has done and INCREDIBLE job and showing you the power of stories and this is an incredible guide to show you how to create and tell to win in your own business and life!

PSS: Speaking of “telling your story” I just did a training in Atlanta, GA for 300+ people on the “Power of Story” keep a close watch on the blog I think I might post a few clips from that presentation to give you a step by step way to craft and tell YOUR story!

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