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14 July 2015

How To 10X Your Goals, Effort & Results!

Jairek Robbins

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Ever heard of Grant Cardone? Well if you haven’t, definitely check him out!


Grant Cardone is a wild, crazy and intense guy! He’s also one of the most sought after, high-achieving sales trainers at this point in history! In his book The 10X Rule, he has a simple challenge for all of us…what if we “10X-ed” everything we did in life and business?!?!


Have you ever thought about what “10x-ing” your goals could mean for your relationships, your business, your health, etc.? How much more fulfillment, success, purpose could you add to your life?


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In this week’s episode of JRCtv, you’ll learn:


As you tune in today, think of the major categories of your life that you can 10X your goals, effort and RESULTS! Also, what major areas are you already 10X-ing … how could you raise the bar from there to have an even more fulfilling experience?


I highly recommend you download today’s worksheet. It will help you get clear on your current goals, and how you can 10X them to ensure you MAXIMIZE your RESULTS!


We’ve only got one shot at this life, people! Let’s raise the bar and experience everything life has to offer right now!


As always, we would love to hear from you on how you’re applying The 10X Rule to your life and business make sure to leave a comment in the blog!


For about Grant Cardone, visit his website: http://www.grantcardone.com


To Your Success,


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