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26 October 2021

How This Coach Started Landing Celebrity Clients

Jairek Robbins

If you are just starting out on your coaching journey, you may be wondering what it would take for you to get celebrities as coaching clients. What other way to learn how it is done other than by taking lessons from someone who has an extensive roster of A-Listers as clients? In this post, we share how Simon Lovell, a VIP emotional intelligence coach, started landing celebrity clients.

Invest in your personal growth

You cannot give what you don’t have. This means that if you are to ever stand a chance of landing a celebrity as a coaching client, you must have heavily invested in your own development so that you can offer value to celebrities.

Simon Lovell reveals that he had invested over $250,000 in his own development as a person and a coach before he ever landed his first celebrity clients. Celebrities are in the top percentile in their fields and will only work with the best coaches or professionals. 

Invest in your own growth so that you can have something of value to offer to celebrities. The lessons that you learn as you grow will form the basis of the templates/toolkits that you can then leverage to help others grow through the challenges that they face.

Write a book sharing your experiences

Another technique that helped Simon Lovell to start landing celebrity clients was writing books which positioned him as an expert in his chosen field. In the beginning, he wrote a 13-page eBook explaining the meals he would pack in his lunchbox every day while going to work at his gym. This eBook was posted on his website and it soon ended up in a top magazine that called it “the best diet ever.” 

That little eBook landed Lovell a $150,000 book writing deal with a major publisher in the UK, and he was well on his way to becoming a top expert on fitness. Needless to say, those books drew the attention of celebrities and it became easier for Lovell to be hired by them.

Help clients get tangible results

Celebrities, elite athletes and other A-Listers are top performers in their different fields, and you can bet that they will be looking for a coach who can help them get quantifiable results which will boost their success.

Lovell did just that. When a client kicked eczema to the curb through Lovell’s diet plans, he was quick to contact local media outlets so that this remarkable success story could be shared with the community. Needless to say, the phone started ringing off the hook, and Lovell repeated this process over and over. Every success story was featured in the media, and this publicity drew in more celebrities to his business.

Share your personal journey online

Today, people are bombarded with all sorts of sales pitches and lofty promises of what one can achieve if only they bought product or service XYZ. However, those promises often turn out to be mere fluff, and lots of people aren’t too eager to buy into any unproven hack, “magic formula” or any such hype.

How then can you position your coaching practice in a way that attracts A-List clients? Lovell has the answer, or at least part of it. He says that he shares his own personal development journey online on platforms like LinkedIn. By sharing his journey, he is able to connect with prospective clients on a deeper, authentic level since they see his struggles and relate with him as a person.

This authenticity ends up attracting the best clients since they see Lovell as someone who has had his own struggles and worked hard to overcome them. He has been through the fire and can guide others on the same journey.

Don’t be afraid to share your journey! The people who can best benefit from your expertise will be attracted, and those who don’t connect will go elsewhere.

Join the right networks

You cannot fly with the eagles if you are busy swimming with the ducks. To land celebrity clients, cultivate and nurture your networks to include the people you wish to recruit as clients. True, it may not be easy to land Christiano Ronaldo or Justin Bieber as a client, but you can start with upcoming artistes, musicians or other such potential top performers. As the careers of those people blossom, so will your visibility and network. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so you have to be patient in your efforts to attract celebrity clients.

You can also follow and engage with celebrities on social media. Comment thoughtfully on their posts, and tag them in your posts. Who knows, such interactions could open untold doors for you later on. As they say, your network determines your net worth!

Plaster your office with success stories

Remember Lovell’s tip about having local media covering his success stories? He went a step further and plastered his gym and locker rooms with cutouts of those success stories. Consequently, any prospective client who toured his gym or sat in his office was bombarded with plenty of social proof that Lovell was legit and the real deal.

From that point, signing celebrity clients became a breeze because who wouldn’t want to work with a proven winner? You too can adopt this strategy in order to land celebrity clients for your coaching business. Results speak for themselves! 

Paid ads and webinars

Don’t buy into the myth that when you build the best mousetrap, the world will automatically beat a path to your doorstep. That may have worked in the past, if it ever did, but it cannot work today amidst all the competition and noise that exists.

You therefore need to implement carefully thought-out strategies to market your business and attract the target clientele (celebs in this case). Lovell shares that he used paid ads (on Facebook, for example) and also put together webinars showcasing real-life examples of the successes his clients have registered. Celebrities are also humans, so don’t be surprised if they click on your ad or watch your webinar!

As you can see from the examples provided by Simon Lovell, celebrities will not fall from the blue sky and hire you. It takes patience, hard work and the right mindset to grow as a coach to a level where the who’s who feel comfortable paying top dollar for your services. Remember, one right client paying premium rates is a lot better than several lower caliber clients paying average or less than average rates. Take your pick and work to attain it!

To Your Success,

Jairek Robbins

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