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30 June 2015

How Personal Development Can Really Hurt Us

Jairek Robbins

quote on labeling judging quote“She’s an orange… striver, driver, achiever.”
“He’s a high D.”
“They’re significance driven.”
“He’s an unconscious masculine man.”


Have you heard any of these types of phrases before? Maybe even used a few to describe people? Today we are diving into the dangers of personal development and how it could be hurting you.


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Perhaps you noticed the more “personal development lingo” you’ve started using your friendships started to evolve. Old friends grew distant as you began to develop new ones… or maybe you struggled to make new friendships and relationships as you study personal development.

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Today I’m talking about labels in the personal development industry and the problems they create (that you definitely want to avoid). Whether you’ve been to a seminar, event, a coaching program, read a self-help book, or even have a guru, it’s likely you started to pick up on some new terminology which was meant to help you, only if used incorrectly it can cause serious damage.


Why? Personal development isn’t a “one size fits all”.


Tune in to learn exactly what I mean by this.


In today’s episode, I’m going to dissect exactly how and why these terms or definitions are created.


Most importantly, I’ll explain how many people who study personal development can cause great pain in their own life when they label people instead of filter people.


This one action alone I’ve heard many people struggle with as friends fade and dating seems impossible all because of this one detrimental action.


I hope as you tune into today, you are able to reevaluate how you use personal development to help you and others. I also hope it sheds light on some problem areas that pop up for most people on the path of personal development.


If you’re wanting to learn more about the terms I’ve discussed in today’s episode and how to successfully apply them check out our Rapid Results Formula online coaching program for a deeper dive or download today’s coaching worksheet for an overview (below).


Keep me posted on how you apply personal development education and terminology in your day to day life and relationships. I’d love to hear how it’s helped or what you’ve learned from today’s episode!


To Your Success,


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