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19 August 2014

How NOT to Communicate With Women

Jairek Robbins


Many of us are always looking for a way to better communicate and to build a deeper level of trust in relationships.


Others may simply be looking for a way to end disappointment, doubt, frustration, and hurt in their relationship (or future relationship).


If you can relate to either one of these, grab the download below and tune in NOW!


Today we are talking about: The different languages MEN and WOMEN speak. I’m talking about promise versus possibility.

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/PLZzg4pGrfc?list=UUU8iDbKgT9Tq74rCjfd7DDQ” width=”540″ height=”340″]

Ever wonder:


For ladies, do men really mean what they say? (Yes.)


For men, why do women get so upset over something mentioned weeks or months ago? (Keep reading.. )


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Now if you’re in a relationship, or ever have been, let me ask you this, have you ever had a conversation similar to this one:

Guy: “I have a great idea! Let’s take a couple weeks off and travel over the summer.”

Girl: “You’re kidding right!? You said that last summer and we never did!? Just like you said you’re going to finish working on the basement last week. Never happened.”


So what’s REALLY going on here?!


How can we get ladies to be less upset at men over what appears to be a simple comment or idea?


How can we be more excited about ideas and understanding about outcomes in our relationships!?


Well in today’s episode we are going to explain a KEY ELEMENT to better help ANY RELATIONSHIP be more loving, understanding, and supportive specifically in the area of COMMUNICATION.


Today’s download and episode feature SOLID pointers to help both MEN and WOMEN.


So be sure to download the worksheet if you want to greatly improve your current relationship (or dating life) with way BETTER communication and MORE trust, all while ending the conversations which lead to hurt, disappointment, and doubt.


To your success!

Jairek Robbins


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